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Why Forestry?

In these recent financially difficult times in the global economic environment it is pivotal to continue to put money aside for the future, but more important perhaps to take consideration of alternative strategies.

We realize that due to the prevailing market conditions, many Investors are actively reducing their exposure to equities, and seeking alternative assets to boost returns without dramatically altering their overall risk profile. However now is the ideal time to take advantage of alternative investment opportunities within the emerging markets, so we have selected a sustainable, long term, stable and ethical investment to balance your portfolio.

The current environment for investors can be categorized by:

  • Economic uncertainty (poor visibility).
  • Price volatility in mainstream assets.
  • Concerns over inflation.
  • Poor returns on cash deposits.

Consequently, Investors are seeking alternative investment assets that display the following characteristics:

  • Tangible assets that retain capital value.
  • Low or zero correlation to financial markets.
  • Assets that generate tax-efficient income to replace lost risk-free income.
  • Simple, secure investments involving direct ownership of underlying tangible assets.
  • Capital growth supported by solid fundamental trends.
  • Ethical in nature

Well-managed private commercial forestry investments display all of these characteristics, making this unique asset class a popular tool amongst institutional & individual investors with which to diversify and optimize investment portfolios, reduce overall risk, generate income & growth, and in many cases improve tax efficiency.


Agarwood is an aromatic, dark, fragrant resinous substance that is in high demand globally. It is a rare but highly valuable variety of resin. The demand for Agarwood is constantly increasing in the international market.

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Indian sandalwood is the mostly used ingredient in worldwide perfume industry. It has become so popular so that, 46% of the perfumes released since 1750 contained sandalwood oil as a row ingredient

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Teak is a worldwide famous timber for its grain, luster, colour and durability. It is commonly used for doors, windows and furniture (both indoor and outdoor). In addition to that, it is used for manufacturing boats and many other products

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Mahogany has a straight grain texture and it gives a beautiful finish to the furniture. Natural existence of this species has been threatened due to the high commercial demand for its timber

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