Sadaharitha Plantations wins
at NASCO Awards 2017

Sadaharitha Plantations, Sri Lanka’s undisputed leader in commercial forestry with over 2,000 acres of thriving forests and a portfolio of over 26,000 investors, was recognized at the National Sales Congress (NASCO) 2017 conducted by Sri Lanka Institute of Marketing (SLIM) recently. Two top achievers in the Company’s Sales Team received Bronze Awards at the Award Ceremony.
“Commercial forestry makes a significant contribution to preserving the environment for future generations by helping to mitigate global warming and making the planet green. We are proud and encouraged to be recognized for excellence on a national platform and receive this prestigious award” said the Chairman of Sadaharitha Plantations, Sathish Navarathna. “We are now on our 15th year and this is the first time we have strived to secure an important national award and are delighted by this milestone success” he added.
NASCO is the only national level event to recognize and reward excellence to raise the standard of sales professionalism in the country and has been held for 9 consecutive years with an eminent panel evaluating the participants under 21 sectors. Sadaharitha Plantations competed under the Industry and Agriculture Sector. Nihal Tissera, Regional Manager won the Bronze Award under Territorial Managers category while Rasika Manatunga, Sales Promotion Officer won the Bronze Award under Front-liners category.
Tissera has been recognized for top performance consecutively at the annual Sadaharitha Forestry Awards. This year too he became the Best Regional Sales Manager with an overseas visit as his reward. Manatunga has achieved the Company’s record for the highest number of new business policies for a month and was adjudged the Winner for New Business Contribution.
The stringent judging process for NASCO Awards involved face-to-face interviews with a sub panel of 3-5 judges who evaluated the participants not only on their performance but also on their ability to articulate and develop skills to accept greater responsibilities. Territory Managers were required to give a 10 minute presentation prior to the interview with the judging panel.
Sadaharitha Plantations grows Sandalwood, Teak, Mahogany, Rambutan and Agarwood for investors who are able to benefit from their investment in forestry in 8 to 14 years and earn foreign exchange for the country, especially from Agarwood which is sought after across the world by manufacturers of perfume and essences.

Sadaharitha marks Ozone Day

The International Day for the Preservation of the Ozone Layer falls on Saturday, September 16 and Sadaharitha Plantations, as the leader in the business of commercial forestry will commemorate the occasion by inviting the nation to join hands with them and contribute to making our planet green and fertile.

Afforestation is a cost-effective way of reducing greenhouse gas emissions that endanger the fragile shield of gas protecting the Earth from harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun. Without this delicate Ozone Layer, life will not exist on the planet. The date commemorates the 1987 signing of the Montreal Protocol on substances that deplete the Ozone Layer. This year the theme is “Ozone Layer Protection: The Mission Goes On.”

Controlled use of ozone-depleting substances has contributed significantly to global efforts to address climate change, protecting the planet’s ecosystems for future generations. The Chairman of Sadaharitha, Sathish Navarathna explained “Our Company has over 2000 acres of forestry and our business has thrived for 15 years where we grow Sandalwood, Teak, Mahogany, Rambutan and most importantly Agarwood that has great potential to earn foreign exchange for the country. Over 26,000 customers have invested in our commercial forestry and are contributing to reducing greenhouse carbon emission directly. As a responsible and a ethical business organization, we always value the concept of people, planet and profit which will lead us into a sustainable and future for us and our progeny.”

One way some tropical countries are reducing deforestation is through participation in the United Nations’ Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Degradation (REDD) programme. REDD essentially works to establish incentives for the people who care for the forest to manage it sustainably while still being able to benefit economically. Efforts of Sadaharitha to cultivate commercial forestry are a good example. The Company has provided either employment or income generating opportunities to nearly one thousand villagers living in areas close to Sadaharitha forestry projects in the low country wet zone areas.

“Our efforts are not restricted to a special day or two, but throughout we practice eco-friendly habits.

The future of business organizations lies upon how well they respond to preserving environment within their operations. While many other companies are thriving to do this, we are already there” Mr. Navarathna further added.

Delegates from Assam join hands with
Sadaharitha to benefit from Agarwood

A distinguish delegation from All Sanchi (Agar) Growers’ Association of Assam(ASGAA) have  visited Sri Lanka recently, to strengthen the bilateral partnership with Sadaharitha Plantations in a joint expedition to share best practices in growing and marketing this unique species of trees and its value added products.   Agarwood has proved to be the world’s most expensive as well as one of the endangered plants, nurturing Agarwood commercially has become a vital necessity for the industry.

Last year, a team from Sadaharitha toured Assam, known as India’s Agarwood capital to learn from their Indian counterparts about different practices adopted to make the crop thrive and become more lucrative.    Now, a team has arrived in Sri Lanka to learn about how Agarwood is grown and harvested here, which will resulted in many ways for both organizations in future.

The team of delegates from Assam was headed by Professor Rajkumar Sing, the President of All Sanchi (Agar) Growers’ Association of Assam (ASGAA).  Accompanying him were Bikash Borah, General Secretary, Demodar Boruah, Chief Programme Coordinator and Phukun Prabhakar, Organizing Secretary.  They were warmly welcomed in an official conference headed by Sathis Nawrathna, Chairman of Sadaharitha Plantations. Delegates were facilitated to visit Asia’s largest Agarwood nursery in Ingiriya and Agarwood estates owned and managed by Sadaharitha.

The most important resin-producing species of Agarwood, A. Malaccensis, is protected worldwide under the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora  (CITES) as well as by the World Conservation Union (IUCN).  Agarwood cannot be traded internationally without CITES permit to confirm that it has been harvested at a sustainable level to ensure the survival of the species. A. Crassna, another Agarwood species is listed as protected in Vietnam.  With the authorities focusing on protecting Agarwood, the joint expedition by Assam growers and Sadaharitha is a farsighted, forward step to formulate strategies that would help the industry to flourish and strengthen its future.

Chairman of Sadaharitha Plantations, Sathis Nawarathna said “We are now on our 15th year in the business of commercial forestry, and take pride in meaningfully contributing to the environment while offering Sri Lankan investors a lucrative alternative offering an attractive return on investment in the long term.  Agarwood forests are typically ready for harvesting in 8 years. Sadaharitha’s investment in Agarwood initiated in 2014 will be ready for harvesting in the year 2022. Joining hands with Assam growers will help us to benefit from their knowhow while they benefit from ours. Eventually Agarwood will become the main export crop for Sri Lanka generating billions of foreign revenue to the motherland.”

The two delegations will share best practices with the focused objective of strengthening product development and adding value to marketing opportunities.  A much anticipated outcome from the joint expedition is a positive result of Agarwood benefiting the end-user market.

Sadaharitha to launch Agarwood products
under its own brand name

This August, Sadaharitha Plantations is proudly celebrating a 15 year long journey that has seen the value of its pioneering business of commercial forestry flourishing from less than a million Rupees in the first year to over a billion rupees this year. Established in 2002, Sadaharitha Plantation started with fewer than ten employees, and now has a network of over 110O staff serving the country’s leading commercial forestry and investment company with over 2000 acres.

Taking pride in this milestone, Sathis Navarathna, Chairman of Sadaharitha Group of Companies said ‘The development we have achieved when compared with similar businesses in countries that are into forestry, is overwhelming. It is indeed a remarkable achievement within a short time. Also, we have strengthened the stability of our company through diversification into exports to different markets. Accreditations from lS0, HACCP and higher state recognitions such as Green Awards are a true testament to our untiring efforts towards achieving success.”

He further added; “We are grateful and appreciative of our stakeholders in this venture that benefits humanity and nature, for sharing our mission and vision. Most importantly, we have safeguarded the trust that the entire community has laid upon us.”

In volatile market conditions, Sadaharitha has been able to pave its way to the top successfully and effectively and become a leader in the business of commercial forestry. Making timely decisions, introducing best practices in terms of overall management of the company and continuous research and development on commercial forestry have been key contributors to the present position of the company. “We have laid a sound financial foundation to ensure a sustainable future” Navarathna commented.

Sadaharitha has a sustainable vision for the future in which Agarwood plays a vital role as the primary product surpassing other popular species such as Mahogany, Teak and Sandalwood. Sadaharitha has already embarked on the preliminary work to enter the Middle Eastern market with trade operations of Agarwood Chips and Oil as well as Agarwood based expensive perfumes under its own brand. This will ensure a significant return to its customers and other stakeholders in time to come.

Most of world’s tropical forests will disappear by the end of this century

Most of world’s tropical forests will
disappear by the end of this century

Every year, more than 15 million hectares of tropical forests are cut down, releasing millions of tons of carbon emission into the atmosphere, says a US environmental organization ‘The Nature Conservancy.’ According to them, a study commission by the UK Treasury has reported that reducing or eliminating deforestation is a highly cost-effective way of reducing greenhouse gas emissions to save the planet. Without action now, they say, the world’s tropical forests will be lost by the end of this century.
Taking a cue from this revelation, Sadaharitha Plantations in Sri Lanka are offering investors the opportunity to contribute to afforestation and help reduce greenhouse gas emissions while reaping sustainable high returns in the long term through commercial forestry.
The Chairman of Sadaharitha, Sathish Navarathna said “We have over 2000 acres of forestry and a portfolio of over 26,000 satisfied customers all over Sri Lanka who realize the enormous potential the investment offers in economic terms in addition to contributing in a big way to preserving the environment, not only by reducing greenhouse carbon emission, but also by protecting the land during inclement weather conditions.”
It is a noteworthy fact that although tropical forests cover only 12% of the planet, it is the habitat of more than half of the world’s plants and animal species. At the current rate of deforestation this precious ecosystem will disappear within the next 100 years.
Sadaharitha Plantations, the winner of the Gold Green Award in 2012, is engaged in forest plantations management with Sandalwood, Teak, Mahogony, Rambutan and Agarwood to earn foreign exchange for the country.

Dr. Upul Subasinghe, Senior Lecturer at the Department of Forestry and Environmental Science at the University of Sri Jayewardenepura who is conducting research on Forest Management of non-timber forest products such as Agarwood and Sandalwood, commended Sadaharitha Plantations on their efforts to promote commercial forestry which helps protect Sri Lanka’s environment while enriching the economy and said “planting forests offer a significant cooling benefit with the sun’s heat absorbed by the dark forest canopy, contributing to reduced global warming.”
According to a paper presented by Dr. Subasinghe in 2015 with regard to the carbon fixation values of plantations managed by Sadaharitha, after 20 years of planting, a teak tree will store 0.55MT of carbon equivalent to 2.017MT of CO2. In 20 years a sandalwood tree will store 0.12MT of carbon equivalent to 0.44MT of CO2. In 8 years at after planting an Aquilaria (Agarwood) tree will store 1.14MT of carbon and 4.18MT atmospheric CO2. More than 2000 acres of forestry consists of above species, including mahogany and rambutan will be directly involving in fixation of carbon and atmospheric CO2 for many years. This emphasizes a greater value of commercial forestry, while delivering remarkable monitory benefits.
“Green Economy Concept” that Sadaharitha has adopted mitigates global warming and is defined by United Nations as one that improves human well-being while reducing environmental risks and ecological scarcities. The company has provided over 900 direct green employment opportunities and introduced innovative forest-based income generation to the villagers living in areas adjacent to the Sadaharitha forests.
Sadaharitha Plantations will soon be celebrating 15 years in the business of commercial forestry in Sri Lanka. For further information call 0115 234000.

Sadaharitha invites landowners to
join hands and reap rich rewards

A unique opportunity has opened for land owners in the low country wet zone area where the climate is conducive to commercial forestry. Sadaharitha Plantation, the undisputed leader in commercial forestry in the country invites landowners with over 5 acres to invest, especially in the districts of Kandy, Kurunegala, Kegalle, Rathnapura, Galle, Matara, Colombo, Gampaha and Kalurtara, to team up with the Company and reap a remarkable harvest return.
The offer from Sadaharitha is most attractive. The Company will provide free saplings to plant, as well as free technical support and free advisory services including the Company’s patented ‘CA Kit’ that helps Agarwood trees to develop the resin that is greatly sought-after by top-rung perfume manufacturers in the world.
Once a landowner signs a memorandum of understanding and enters into a joint venture with Sadaharitha Plantations, the advantages that are in store for the investor includes the value of the land increasing considerably, together with a high return on the investment in the period of 08 years as the Company will help to harvest the forest as well as utilize the export potential of the harvested resin to the maximum.
“This venture came at the request of several investors of Agarwood forests who see the potential commercial forestry has for Sri Lanka. At Sadaharitha, we have our own forestry lands, yet the production will not be enough to cater the demand in the international market. Therefore we are confident that landowners with lands in the low country-wet zone areas will welcome this lucrative opportunity that helps to promote a clean and healthy country in an environmentally friendly manner while boosting Sri Lanka’s economy” said the Chairman of Sadaharitha, Sathish Navarathna.
Sadaharitha Plantations is the only company in the country with expertise and passion to promote commercial forestry. It has over 2000 acres of forestry with over 26,000 customers and will soon be celebrating 15 years of establishing the business of commercial forestry in Sri Lanka. For further information regarding the project call to 0776029162.

Forestry emerges as a preferred choice of long term investment

Many Investors are actively reducing their exposure to equities, and seeking alternative assets to boost returns without dramatically altering their overall risk profile. Hence, commercial forestry is rapidly becoming a preferred choice of sustainable investment. Sadaharitha Plantations Limited, Sri Lanka’s leader in this eco-friendly venture of sustainable commercial forestry, has increased the projected return on investment of Agarwood projects, with effect from 01st April 2017 based on the international market trends for the harvested Agarwood.
Sadaharitha offered a variety of crops as investments in forestry, ranging from Mahogany, Sandalwood, Teak and Aquilaria (Agarwood) as the new addition to the portfolio since 2014. The company holds over 2000 acres of sustainable forestry lands with over 26,000 customers. The Company maintains 32 branch offices across the country.

Agarwood is reputed to be one of the most expensive woods in the world. There are many names for the resinous, fragrant heartwood produced primarily by trees in the genus Aquilaria. Most commonly, the resin is known as agarwood, aloeswood, eaglewood, gaharu, agalocha or oudh (In Arabic). Agarwood is exported in various forms such as oil, wood chips, powder and as finished products, such as perfumes, carvings, incense and medicine. Agarwood undoubtedly is a billion dollar industry, in which the ever increasing price is attributed to the constantly growing demand in larger markets such as Middle- East, China, USA and Europe. Agarwood oil prices ranges from 30,000 to 50,000 USD and chipped Agarwood sold around 10,000 USD, with a continuous grow in demand, making investors to earn more on their investment.

Sadaharitha Plantations will celebrate the company’s 15th year of operation in August this year and is now gearing itself to embark on expanding the export potential of forestry further by introducing a new range of value added productions focusing on Agarwood.

Beyond the Horizon
Sadaharitha Forestry Awards 2016

This year’s theme at the annually held Sadaharitha Forestry Awards was ‘Beyond the Horizon’ and the spectacular evening bestowed a galaxy of best performers with honour, recognition and awards to motivate them to reach greater heights.  This year is a significant milestone for Sadaharitha Plantations because the Company is celebrating its 15th year in Commercial Forestry having rapidly achieved market leadership within a short span of time.

This year’s winners were recognized for their achievements in the calendar year of 2016.  The winners received jubilant fanfare from their peers in the audience.  The sales force and staff members of over 700 that filled the Banquet & Convention Hall at Eagles’ Lakeside, in Attidiya were from 31 branches spread across the country.

Chairman of Sadaharitha Group of Companies, Sathis Nawarathne addressed the audience and outlined his ambitious plans for the company.  “We are now focusing strongly on research and development that will help us to expand the scope of business in commercial forestry so that the nation can achieve a higher level of forest cover.  This will significantly help to protect and safeguard the planet, making it green and fertile while encouraging more and more customers to use commercial forestry as the preferred mode of financial investment” he said. “Agarwood is the fast developing as the way forward to win in the international arena perhaps overtaking Sri Lanka’s traditional exports. The business of manufacturing new fragrances that appeal to today’s young men and women is taking giant strides, and this will result in a flourishing export potential for Agarwood.”

The award winners at the Sadaharitha Forestry Awards, the most important and eagerly awaited event in the Company’s calendar, represented an array of categories that demonstrated the diligent and professional approach to forestry that is the hallmark of Sadaharitha Plantations.

Sadaharitha Plantations recently launched a novel propaganda vehicle that can be turned quickly into a comfortable mobile office for the convenience of customers.  The concept of a two-in-one vehicle to promote forestry as an investment is perhaps for the first time in Sri Lanka.  Sadaharitha has 2,000 acres of commercial forestry and counts over 26,000 customers who have invested in commercial forestry.

Sadaharitha launches innovative mobile office to promote forestry

Commercial forestry is rapidly gaining ground in Sri Lanka and the company that is the undisputed leader in this eco-friendly, futuristic investment, Sadaharitha Plantations, has just launched a novel promotional vehicle that doubles up as a mobile office for the convenience of customers.  The concept of a two-in-one vehicle to promote forestry as an investment is perhaps for the first time in Sri Lanka, and the unique vehicle can be viewed at the Colombo Motor Show from March 17-19 at BMICH.

“Ours is much more than just a promotional vehicle” explained Janaka Opallage, Brand Manager of Sadaharitha.  “We use one side of the exterior surface of the vehicle to focus on the extent of land that we own, the valued customer base we have and the diverse crops we offer, which projects our corporate profile in a nutshell.  On the other side we highlight the newest, most popular and lucrative crop, Agarwood from which originate most of the high end perfumes and scents in the world.  The display appears to attract potential customers to our innovative mobile office.  The retractable roof expands the vehicle into a comfortable office space where customers can learn about the investment in comfort.”

The well-equipped vehicle has high definition TV with a movable bracket allowing a 180 degree rotation so that customers can view the videos and understand the advantage of commercial forestry the company offers investors.  This provides value added support to the company’s sales team who now has the advantage of ensuring that documentation can be completed on the spot wherever the mobile office happens to be and ensure a hassle-free investment for the customer.

“Once the mobile office wraps up for the evening, it becomes an entertainment centre offering music, fun and games as well as gifts with a propagandist on board to interactively communicate with the audience and extend the activation to a memorable customer experience.  We plan to have the two-in-one vehicle visiting all our branches on its route and also visit the north and east to discover the unexploited market Janaka Opallage further explained.

Assam – Agarwood Capital of India

Highest achievers of the sales force for the first 3 quarters of 2016 were sent to Assam, the Agarwood capital of India on a 05 days familiarization tour from 30th November to 5th December 2016.. The group was warmly welcomed and facilitated by the officials of All Sanchi Growers Association of Assam sponsored by Sadaharitha Plantations Ltd.
The programme consisted of visiting Aquilaria farms(plantations), processing plants of oil and chips of Agarwood in order to get a better understanding of the product as a sales team. This tour brought a vast exposure and confidence for the participants, where it assist the effective selling.
The tour was headed by Mr. Sathis Nawarathne – Chairman/ Managing Director of Sadaharitha Plantations along with Dr. Upul Subasinghe – Forestry Consultant and Mr. Jayampathy Mirando – Director Sales and Marketing.