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Sadaharitha Plantations

Sadaharitha Plantations Limited engages in establishment of forest plantations such as Agarwood, Sandalwood, Mahogany and Teak to generate investment opportunities for Sri Lankans and Foreigners. This is also becoming a golden opportunity for the Sri Lankans who are working or living away from the motherland. Our plantations are located in the best quality lands for cultivating in different areas of Sri Lanka. In addition to Sadaharitha Plantations, we have also stepped into fruits and vegitable exports (S.A.F.E.) and Water Management Systems to broaden our horizons. We also strengthed our bilateral ties with Wescope in Australia by having forward sales contract intending to sell our clients harvest at maximum bid in the world market

Why Invest in forestry?

Average Rate of Return on Investment as at 05/10/2015

With the world's population and their living conditions on the rise, there' s an ever-increasing demand for the timber based products. Be it for building massive constructions or for manufacturing that tiny match you use everyday, this demand has far exceeded the tolerable levels of natural forests. If this demand exerts its cumulative pressure on the world's natural forests, what would be the consequences? Even imagining the nemesis would be rather horrible for all the living beings. Think of a world where you struggle to breathe with little oxygen in air. As the most intelligent living beings on the earth are we just going to gloss over this great damage done to our environment? Or are we going to relieve the pressure on these natural forests and contibute to their conservation in every possible way? Yes, you can.

You can contribute to the forest conservation while having a diversified investment portfolio that brings you a great amount of ROI too. We at, Sadaharitha provide such investment opporutnities for you. Curently our main forestry projects deal with Agrawood, Teak, Sandalwood & Mahogany.

Other than the financial gains, there are various other environmental benefits because of these kinds of forestry projects. They include the reduction of pressure on natural forests, providing a sink for greenhouse gases like Carbon Dioxide and prevention of soil erosion,etc.

  • Our Vision

    To be the most innovative Forestry Management Company in Asia, assuring secured investment opportunities

  • Our Mission

    Our mission is to enhance the quality of life of all our valued stake holders by providing secured and sustainable investment & income opportunities and generate profits whilst safeguarding the environment and accomplishing Corporate Social Responsibilities in an ethical and a legitimate manner

  • Our Environment Policy

    Sadaharitha Plantations Limited is an organisation contributing to the sustainable forestry by maintaining sandalwood and teak plantations with the commitment to continuously improve the effectiveness of our environmental management system by preventing all types of pollution and wastages whilst complying with all applicable legal and other requirements. We are further committed to conserve the environment and to protect the healthiness of our employees and community by minimising all negative environmental impacts arise from company processes, products, and services.

  • Look Back

    Sadaharitha was duly incorporated in August 2002 and commenced its commercial forestry management initiating Mahogani project. And changed its focus towards Teak and Sandalwood subsequently establishing plantations in well over 1000 acres covering many parts across the country. Currently concentrating on Aquilqria Crassna the tree which produces Agarwood named as “wood of Gods” by enhancing customer perceived value.