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  • 31st March 2014
    Gampola ADO opening
    Deraniyagala Area Development Office opening...
  • 22nd March 2014
    Sara Bhoomi partners with Sadaharitha to cultivate Agar wood as a mixed crop...
    Sara Bhoomi partners with Sadaharitha to cultivate Agar wood as a mixed crop...
  • 18th March 2014
    Gampola ADO opening
    Gampola Area Development Office opening...
  • 13th March 2014
    Daily Finance Times speaks about Sadaharitha Agarwood...
    Daily Finance Times speaks about Sadaharitha Agarwood...
  • 12th February 2014
    Pelawatte ADO opening
    Pelawatte Area Development Office opening...
  • 23rd January 2014
    Sadaharitha Plantations to promote Agarwood cultivation in Ingiriya
    Sadaharitha Plantations to promote Agarwood cultivation in Ingiriya - Daily News...
  • 22nd January 2014
    Chairman and Chief Executive Director speaks about Agarwood in NugaSevana, National TV...

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Sadaharitha Agarwood: the biggest leap of Sadaharitha Plantation Management History...

After years of Sandalwood plantation management, Sadaharitha proudly announces the start of planting the wood of Gods, "Agarwood" which produces the most renowned fragrance oil in the market. The tree species used to produce Agarwood is known as Aquilaria. This highly valuable compound is produced inside the Aquilaria trees as a result of the defence mechanism inherited to this species to control the intruder microorganisms entering into the stems. Agarwood has been used for fragrance purposes from the ancient past especially in the Middle East Region and South Asian Region....

Sadaharitha Plantations Limited engages in establishment of forest plantations such as Sandalwood and Teak to generate investment opportunities for Sri Lankans and Foreigners. This is also becoming a golden opportunity for the Sri Lankans who are working or living away from the motherland. Our plantations are located in the best quality lands of different areas in Sri Lanka. Therefore our customers have the freedom to choose the lands accordingly. In addition to the Sadaharitha Plantations, we have also stepped into food export (S.A.F.E.) and Irrigation Systems to broaden our horizons.


To be the most innovative Forestry Management Company in Asia, assuring secured investment opportunities


Our mission is to enhance the quality of life of all our valued stake holders by providing secured and sustainable investment & income opportunities and generate profits whilst safeguarding the environment and accomplishing Corporate Social Responsibilities in an ethical and a legitimate manner.

Our environment policy

Sadaharitha Plantations Limited is an organisation contributing to the sustainable forestry by maintaining sandalwood and teak plantations with the commitment to continuously improve the effectiveness of our environmental management system by preventing all types of pollution and wastages whilst complying with all applicable legal and other requirements. We are further committed to conserve the environment and to protect the healthiness of our employees and community by minimising all negative environmental impacts arise from company processes, products, and services.

Our Forestry Projects


Agarwood is an aromatic, dark, fragrant resinous substance that is in high deman globally. It is a rare but highly valuable variety of resin. The demand for Agarwood is constantly increasing in the international market. more


Indian sandalwood is the mostly used ingredient in worldwide perfume industry. It has become so popular so that, 46% of the perfumes released since 1750 contained sandalwood oil as a row ingredient. more

More Forestry Projects


Teak is a worldwide famous timber for its grain, lustre, colour and durability. It is commonly used for doors, windows and furniture (both indoor and outdoor). In addition to that, it is used for manufacturing boats and many other products. more


Mahogany has a straight grain texture and it gives a beautiful finish to the furniture. Natural existence of this species has been threatened due to the high commercial demand for its timbermore

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